FASTFIX - Cohesive Unitizing System.

  • FAST FIX cohesive begins working immediately as containers are stacked on the pallet, forming a tight, and no slip bond that prevents the load from shifting during warehouse handling or distribution.
  • FAST FIX cohesive is clear colorless liquid and nontoxic. FAST FIX cohesive is waterbased and nonflammable.
  • FAST FIX cohesive doesn't deface containers. When de-palletized, the containers separate easily without fiber tear or sticky residue.
  • FAST FIX cohesive is ideal for use on corrugated cases and multiwall bags, inclding recycled materials. It dose not affect the recyclability of corrugated or kraft paper.
  • FAST FIX cohesive provides packagers with a more stable and less expensive method of unitizing than stretch wrap without the mess and adverse effect of cold glues or hot melt adhesives.

Product List

Automatic application System Application Speed;
80 cases per minute
Control System;
high speed CPU mounted fully automatic system (with electrical flow control, consistent application amount control and fluid level control)
For kraft paper bags and carton boxes
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